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2707: Alone Time

Keith’s sober week; the cadence of group self-help leaders; hospital costs; Keith’s new home; Wind River reviewed September 4, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Switch To Coke: Keith, sober for a week, gives updates on everything from moving, edibles, masturbating, and going to bottomless drinking brunches while not drinking
  • — When You Listen, You Listen With Your ______: Chemda imitates how the speakers in Landmark and Tony Robbins talk to keep the audience present
  • — The $1,000 Pill: Keith and Chemda talk about the ridiculous medical costs that they’ve incurred in both their extended hospital visits
  • — Shower Kama Sutra: Keith moved into a new place with an urban backyard and a plethora of shower rails. He explains the scary moving process.
  • — I’m Not Bored!: Keith will now see movies while sober. His first pick: Wind River starring Hawkeye’s Jeremy Renner

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