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2709: Chip Committed

with Libby Phillips – The dangers of the Sniff ‘n Drink technique; AA; the most shocking KATG episode ever; movie remakes with the opposite sex; taking drugs to stop drinking; man literally runs into Burning Man; KATG Polls; being late; laugh-stifling; Keith’s money-making football ideas; Roxxxy the emotional sex robot; Trump pledges $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief, doesn’t deliver; Hurricane Irma; 13-year-old mayor; harassment and the legality of Nazi symbolism September 7, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Who Books This? Libby Phillips, KATG booker extraordinaire, is in studio
  • — Tripping In A Vat Of Vodka: Libby discusses her close calls with drinking alcohol by accident and why she can’t do her patented sniff ‘n drink technique anymore
  • — Curtains Made Of Chips: Keith is planning to go to AA so he can collect all the sobriety chips. Chemda and Libby discuss their experiences going to anonymous meetings
  • — Best Of The Worst: Libby polled the audience to see what was the most shocking episode in KATG history
  • — The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Pants: The gang discusses recent movie remakes with female cast members
  • — Stoned Cold Sober: Keith has been enjoying weed edibles. The gang discusses doing drugs while abstaining from drinking
  • — Literal Burning Man: Aaron Joel Mitchell ran through security at the Burning Man festival and threw himself into The Burning Man
  • — Audience Of Liars: 25% of listeners admit they are alcoholics; 18% say they will go to an anonymous meeting because of KATG; 56% say they are always on time
  • — The Late Window: Libby addresses comments about her on What’s Up, A? and how she deals with her constantly late friends
  • — You Stole My Laugh: Libby has started to stifle her laugh because KATG listeners said they hate it. She is seeing somebody new who is bothered by her laugh as well.
  • — Back To Football: Keith, who won second place in Nick Turner's football pick ‘em league last year, is rejoining the fray. He is also on Year 2 of his brilliant money-making Steelers-winning-the-Super-Bowl genius idea.
  • — There’s A Black Mirror Episode About That: The company True Companion has released a sex robot named Roxxxy specifically for grieving widowers
  • — Bankrupt Billionaire: Donald Trump has pledged to donate $1,000,000 to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, though he has yet to do it. The gang talks about Trump’s history of lying about charitable contributions and the success of his business ventures.
  • — Hurricane Sweet Tits: Hurricane Irma is now a category 5 storm and its death toll is rising as it moves through the Caribbean toward Florida. Libby points out that historically storms with female names do more damage because people take them less seriously.
  • — Practical But Progressive: 13-year-old Ethan Sonneborn is running for governor of Vermont
  • — From The Guy Who Brought You Nazi Flags: Neal Milano, the condo owner who covered his lobby with Nazi and Confederate Flags, is being investigated for stalking and harassing a female tenant in his building. The gang debates whether or not we could effectively legally ban Nazi symbolism.

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