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2710: Ghost Stories

with Chewy May and Andrea Allan – Texting and sending money in an alcoholic blackout; Hollywood’s whitewashing; It’s spooky promotion; scary movies, haunted houses, and real ghosts September 7, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Short For Chewbacca?: Chewy May, who goes by her Chinese name when on stage, is in studio
  • — Mini-Bottoms: When Chewy is drunk she texts her exes and sends them large sums of money while blacked out as apologies for them having dated her
  • — Check Your Privilege: Andrea Allan joins the gang to explain the situation of Hollywood whitewashing otherwise foreign roles
  • — Follow The Balloon, Kids: In Sydney, Australia, they are tying red balloons to storm drains and spray-painting messages next to the drains as promotion for the screening of the movie It
  • — No Basements And No Showers: Andrea reveals just how much she’s afraid of horror movies, demonic possessions, and haunted houses. Keith tries to understand it as somebody who doesn’t believe in paranormal activity of any kind.

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