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2718: Love Is Hard

With Billy Procida, Sam Evans, and Andrea Allan – Polyamory and broken relationships; sex work and financial domination; Billy and Andrea’s sexual past; ambush stand-up shows September 20, 2017

Show Notes

  • — The Boys Are Back In Town: Billy Procida and Sam Evans, two fun guys, are in studio
  • — What’s Going On, Billy?: Billy just got out of a breakup from an on-again/off-again relationship. He discusses navigating polyamory and what ultimately ended his relationship.
  • — Sexting Clientele: Billy details the various types of sex work he has done, from being a financial dominator to being a webcam boy for men to masturbate to online
  • — It Works Out Because Of Comedy: Sam and his girlfriend are both comedians. He would like her to move in with him. She would like not to.
  • — Scaaaaary: Andrea Allan joins the group to explain sex and lack of with Billy
  • — Ambush Show: Sam runs a bar show in Astoria, Queens. Keith recounts his experience of people getting roped into awkward crowd work at Sam’s show

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