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2728: Pajamas in the Projects

with Ayanna Dookie – Ayanna’s turbulent dating past and her new love; Chemda’s threesome October 4, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Party Time: Serial bad dater Ayanna Dookie is in studio with a new lease on life
  • — Tell That Ragged Shit To Kick Rocks: Keith reads Ayanna’s recent Facebook status where she talks about getting out of a bad relationship and her life drastically improving
  • — Swipe Left: Ayanna went on a Tinder date with a gentleman whom she later found out was arrested for gun trafficking
  • — Wouldn’t It Be Funny If We Watched Porn: Chemda reveals how she awkwardly initiated a threesome while on tour
  • — Flavoring Your Drink: Ayanna’s ex-boyfriend was a controlling alcoholic
  • — Wack-Ass Hugs: Ayanna is now dating a new man who is very respectful and kind. She talks about the beginning of their relationship.


Ayanna DookieAyanna Dookie


Ayanna Dookie
Ayanna Dookie

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