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2729: Gun People

With Caitlin Brodnick – Mastectomies and sobriety; pregnant catcalling; robot restaurant workers and Seamless’s tricks; McDonald’s pay it forward drive-in lines catches on; man wins $1.3 million on a casino machine then told it’s a malfunction; the Las Vegas shooter; Indiana police shoot at armed robber that’s actually filming a movie; Keith recounts the dangerous set of She’s Crushed; the birthday of Keith’s dead Army friend; how to react to a sexless marriage October 6, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Dangerous Boobies: Caitlin Brodnick, who just released a book about her time-bomb breasts, is in studio
  • — Breasts The Size Of Houses: Caitlin tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation. She explains her cancer-ridden family history, her double mastectomy, and her sobriety
  • — God Bless You: Caitlin has been getting catcalled more now that she’s pregnant. Chemda got catcalled by another woman.
  • — Big Seamless: There will be a new Shake Shack opening in NYC that will be operated by robots. The gang discusses Seamless’s bait and switch tricks.
  • — Pay It Backwards: At a McDonald's in Missouri, a pay-it-forward chain went on for an hour, totaling 125 customers
  • — Consider A Name Change: A man named Jerry Rape won $1,300,000 at a bingo machine, then officials told him the machine simply malfunctioned
  • — Is 23 Guns The Line?: The Las Vegas shooter had 23 guns in his hotel room
  • — We Keep It Real: Indiana police mistook an actor filming a movie for an armed robber and shot at him. Keith recounts how dangerously negligent the producers were when Keith was shooting the slasher movie She’s Crushed.
  • — Happy Death Day: Keith got a Facebook birthday reminder of his dead Army friend who was shot through a screen door

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