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2736: #LandscapeMode

with Josh Gondelman and Casey James Salengo – Blackout drinking; homeless fantasies; Landmark Part 2; Josh’s wedding DJ/Michael Jackson impersonator; Harvey Weinstein’s perverted beginnings; Woody Allen worries over an inappropriate men witch hunt; James Corden’s tone deaf Weinstein jokes; portrait mode vs. landscape mode; an NYC teacher’s aid’s 500 child upskirt pictures; stealthing to be a form of rape; unorthodox burn remedies; Wiki What? October 17, 2017

Show Notes

  • — What A Party: 2 fun guys, Josh Gondelman and Casey James Salengo, are in studio
  • — The Star Of MNIK: Casey was the guest on the final episode of My Name Is Keith with drinking involved. Casey blacked out the only time in his life and was found outside a bar by his girlfriend telling people he was Ric Flair.
  • — Living In A Storage Unit: Casey once lived in a car. Keith discusses his homeless fantasies.
  • — Landmark Part 2: Keith discusses his experiences in the latest Landmark meetings and why he’s choosing to stop supporting the pyramid scheme that Landmark encourages
  • — Pastor Woody Allen: The DJ at Josh’s wedding was also a Michael Jackson impersonator
  • — The Early Years: Paula Wachowiak has come out saying that Harvey Weinstein exposed himself to her when she was an intern in the 1980s
  • — Witch Hunt: Woody Allen publically made sympathetic statements about Harvey Weinstein’s situation and fears a man won’t be able to wink at a woman to say she’s pretty anymore
  • — Write Extra: James Corden made some off-color jokes about Harvey Weinstein during a charity event. Josh and Casey talk about how they handle writing jokes about sensitive subject matter.
  • — Tumble And Bumble: Listeners corrected Keith on his incorrect use of the phrase “portrait mode” in a previous episode
  • — Just Checking: Michael Olan, an NYC teaching assistant, was caught taking upskirt pictures of his female students – an estimated 500 images
  • — Stealthing: 31% of listeners have lost a used condom after sex. Members of Congress in Manhattan have asked the House Judiciary Committee to classify the act of secretly removing a condom during sex as a form of rape.
  • — Mustard Bills Are Through The Roof: Intern Bianca offered Keith an interesting solution for burn treatment
  • — The Bad Boy Of Wikipedia: Josh has a new show out called Wiki What? where he interviews celebrities and edits their Wikipedia page with them

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