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2737: Sky Daddy

with Christi Chiello — Church vs. the NFL; family dynamics; gun tests, automatic weapons, and KATG Polls; The Foreigner and Marshall reviewed October 18, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Keith’s Baby: Christi Chiello, AngelBaby, is in studio
  • — A Cool Christian Girl: Christi is religious, and she talks about her modern take on Catholicism
  • — Football Church: Christi pretends to be knowledgeable about football to hook up with guys. Chemda compares Keith watching the NFL to someone supporting a church with evil messages.
  • — Daddy Dearest: A listener sent in feedback regarding family and the recent episode featuring James Adomian and Andrea Allan. 31% of listeners are estranged from an immediate family member.
  • — The Polls Are In: At press time, only one listener voted that there shouldn’t be a test one needs to pass to own a gun. 50% of the listeners have shushed somebody in a movie theatre.
  • — My Opinions Are Facts: Keith reviews The Foreigner and can’t believe critics claimed Happy Death Day the superior movie.
  • — All That Jazz: Keith was taken out of the moment multiple times when watching the movie Marshall because of the light-hearted jazz score, which reminded him of the silly music behind The Color Purple


Christi Chiello
Christi Chiello
Hillsong, Christi's hipster Church
Hillsong, Christi's hipster Church
The pastor at Hillsong Church
The pastor at Hillsong Church

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