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2737: Sky Daddy

with Christi Chiello — Church vs. the NFL; family dynamics; gun tests, automatic weapons, and KATG Polls; The Foreigner and Marshall reviewed October 18, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Keith’s Baby: Christi Chiello, AngelBaby, is in studio
  • — A Cool Christian Girl: Christi is religious, and she talks about her modern take on Catholicism
  • — Football Church: Christi pretends to be knowledgeable about football to hook up with guys. Chemda compares Keith watching the NFL to someone supporting a church with evil messages.
  • — Daddy Dearest: A listener sent in feedback regarding family and the recent episode featuring James Adomian and Andrea Allan. 31% of listeners are estranged from an immediate family member.
  • — The Polls Are In: At press time, only one listener voted that there shouldn’t be a test one needs to pass to own a gun. 50% of the listeners have shushed somebody in a movie theatre.
  • — My Opinions Are Facts: Keith reviews The Foreigner and can’t believe critics claimed Happy Death Day the superior movie.
  • — All That Jazz: Keith was taken out of the moment multiple times when watching the movie Marshall because of the light-hearted jazz score, which reminded him of the silly music behind The Color Purple

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