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2738: Father Figures

with Carmen Lynch, Chanel Ali, and Amber Rollo — A congressional candidate’s space alien abduction; Carmen’s live-in boyfriend is also a father; biological vs. adopted kids; Anthony Weiner shamelessly on crowded public subway; new (gross) Harvey Weinstein accusations include food; dead parents; stripper tricks October 19, 2017

Show Notes

  • — What A Day: We have Carmen Lynch, Chanel Ali, and Amber Rollo in studio
  • — Your Own Personal Jesus: Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, a congressional candidate from Miami, claims she has been aboard a spaceship and has communicated several times with the extraterrestrials that abducted her
  • — The Clock Is Ticking: Carmen just moved in with her boyfriend, who is already a father
  • — I Make My Omelettes From Scratch: The gang discusses the difference between having biological and adopted children
  • — I’d Spill My Soup On Him: Anthony Weiner was spotted taking a packed NYC subway
  • — Goop: Restaurateur Armin Amiri confirmed that Harvey Weinstein was out of line in his restaurant's kitchen with a woman, and he informed us that Harvey ejaculated into a sauce pan
  • — Always The Bathrobe: Actress Lauren Holly has come forward with a very familiar first-hand account of Harvey Weinstein in a hotel room
  • — She Just Wanted A Hamburger: Both of Amber’s parents died within a few years of one another when she was 11 and 16 years old
  • — Rhetoric: Amber recounts her experiences working as a stripper and the techniques she learned to deal with (trick?) her clientele

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