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2741: The Countdown Is On

with Dan Soder – The restaurant industry; Dan’s ex-girlfriends; hallucinogenic drugs and family deaths; sobriety; the curse of the 49ers October 24, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Welcome Back: Our friend Dan Soder is back in studio, baby!
  • — A Check Or An Application: Keith and Dan bond over constantly casing the joint when they go to a restaurant to eat, and they share the behind-the-scenes of the service industry
  • — She Hated My Wrestling T-Shirts: Dan’s wealthy ex-girlfriend doesn’t speak to him after he called her “a terrible person” on his Netflix special. He discusses that breakup and the most recent breakup he just went through.
  • — Hippie Flipping: Dan discusses taking hallucinogenic drugs with comedian Ari Shaffir, which leads to talk about the deaths of his father and his sister
  • — The Scary Sundays: Dan discusses the process of quitting drinking and gives Keith some pointers
  • — 49ers vs. Steelers: Keith and Dan talk shit about each other’s football teams


Dan SoderDan Soder


Dan Soder and the gang
Dan Soder and the gang
Ari Shaffir, Dan's drug buddy
Ari Shaffir, Dan's drug buddy
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