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2741: The Countdown Is On

with Dan Soder – The restaurant industry; Dan’s ex-girlfriends; hallucinogenic drugs and family deaths; sobriety; the curse of the 49ers October 24, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Welcome Back: Our friend Dan Soder is back in studio, baby!
  • — A Check Or An Application: Keith and Dan bond over constantly casing the joint when they go to a restaurant to eat, and they share the behind-the-scenes of the service industry
  • — She Hated My Wrestling T-Shirts: Dan’s wealthy ex-girlfriend doesn’t speak to him after he called her “a terrible person” on his Netflix special. He discusses that breakup and the most recent breakup he just went through.
  • — Hippie Flipping: Dan discusses taking hallucinogenic drugs with comedian Ari Shaffir, which leads to talk about the deaths of his father and his sister
  • — The Scary Sundays: Dan discusses the process of quitting drinking and gives Keith some pointers
  • — 49ers vs. Steelers: Keith and Dan talk shit about each other’s football teams


Dan SoderDan Soder

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