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2744: Privilege

Landmark; KATG Polls; Keith’s weigh-in; access to nutritional information and white privilege October 29, 2017

Show Notes

  • — A Landmark Moment: Keith has decided to stop participating in Landmark. Landmark will not allow it.
  • — KATG Pools: Only one person thinks Keith will not make it past 90 days of sobriety; 50% of the listeners hear a difference in Keith after he got sober; 20% of the listeners would be hesitant to date a person that has been divorced; 12.5% of the penis-having listeners have cum in their pants at a strip club
  • — Body For Life-ish: Keith gives an update on his weigh-in, diet, and workout regiment
  • — Cracker Barrel: Keith reads listener feedback from the previous unhealthy lifestyle debate. Andrea Allan and Bianca Brady come on mic to try and explain to Keith the link between access to nutritional information and white privilege.

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