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2748: School’s Out

Andy Dick fired from a movie over multiple sexual assaults; Kevin Spacey’s pedophile-based predatory behavior referenced in Family Guy in 2005; man leaps to death after argument with wife; MSNBC’s Mark Halperin fired over 12 sexual assaults; stealthing; grade school dildo parties; is school important?; Stupidity News; Wendy Williams passes out on live TV; an Israeli bar offers 25% discount for period-havers November 3, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Dear KATG: Keith and Chemda read and respond to listener's advice emails
  • — The Temperature Has Changed: Andy Dick has been dropped from the film Raising Buchanan following multiple sexual assault allegations on set. He oddly defends himself.
  • — Truth In Comedy: Kevin Spacey’s pedophile-based predatory behavior was referenced in the show Family Guy in 2005. Keith and Chemda discuss if these veiled call-outs in comedies are always true insider information.
  • — The Sweetest Revenge: Harlem resident Carlos Rueda leapt to his death after getting into an argument with his wife. Keith fantasizes about killing himself in front of assholes to ruin their life.
  • — Just One Of Those Guys: NBC News and MSNBC have severed ties with journalist Mark Halperin after 12 women accused him of sexual harassment and assault. He, too, offers a non-apology.
  • — Pull Out And Pray: Chemda recounts her experience with a man removing a condom in the middle of sex without asking
  • — Sex Ed: A Florida grade school teacher threw a party for her students featuring dildos on hats, penis candles, and lollipop vaginas
  • — School Is Dumb: Keith asks Chemda what she actually learned in school and comes to the conclusion that school, for the most part, is a complete waste of time
  • — In Stupidity News: Iowa residents are asking why the state did not place Deer Crossing signs in places where the deer could see them, implying that the deer would be able to read and take directions from signs. A Hawaiian man, who harassed his ex-girlfriend by sending 144 mean texts to her, which violated her protection order from him, is now sentenced to text 144 nice comments to her.
  • — We’re Live!: Wendy Williams passed out on live television during her Halloween show
  • — A Bloody Good Time: Anna Loulou, a bar in Jaffa, Israel, have a happy hour discount: 25% off the bill for any customer who declares that she’s having her period

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