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2750: Best Meatball Recipe

with Alyssa Limperis — Stalking exes and sharing major life events with your significant other; Dustin Hoffman and our reaction to the many sexual predator stories; Trump’s Twitter taken offline; Chemda’s health update; Alyssa featured in an IKEA commercial; moving and depression; animal conversion therapy November 6, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Your Favorite And Mine: Alyssa Limperis, who is always a delight, is in studio
  • — Creepin’: The gang talks about keeping tabs on exes and sharing major life events with a significant other
  • — Coming To Light: Dustin Hoffman has been added to the list of men in Hollywood being outed for sexual harassment. The group talks about men’s reactions vs. women’s reactions to the flood of sexual predators being called out.
  • — The Word Is Out: A freelancer working for Twitter took Trump’s account offline for 11 minutes
  • — My Tumor Is His Super Bowl: Chemda recounts her latest breathing test and going through the results with her doctor
  • — Paid In Meatballs: Alyssa was featured in an IKEA commercial
  • — My Life’s A Mess: Alyssa is moving close to her boyfriend. She talks about moving and depression.
  • — ConFursion Therapy: Kenyan government officials want to sent 2 gay lions to conversion therapy

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