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2757: Hope of the Hood

with Petey DeAbreu – Moving in with your lover; pulling out and 69ing; working at a soup kitchen; police give speeders frozen turkeys; flight makes emergency landing after woman finds her husband cheating on her November 15, 2017

Show Notes

  • — One Tube Sock At A Time: Petey is a man in love, and he’s moved in with his girlfriend
  • — Don’t Wear Coats In The Rain: Petey has been using the pull-out method for birth control, and he debates getting a vasectomy
  • — Just The Tip: A New Yorker named Gabita was caught on camera (and shown in the papers) stealing money out of an Uber tip jar
  • — A Vagina As A Scarf: Petey has just learned the sexual maneuver known as “69”
  • — Suit To A Soup Kitchen: As part of his parole, Petey has to help at a soup kitchen
  • — Is This A Trick?: In Montana, instead of handing out tickets for minor traffic violations, officers gifted 20 drivers with frozen turkeys
  • — Emergency Landing: A Qatar Airways flight to Bali had to be diverted and make an emergency landing because a female passenger was snooping on her passed-out husband’s phone and found he was cheating on her


Petey DeAbreuPetey DeAbreu

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