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2759: For Shame

with Andrea Allan – Weed vs. sleeping pills; KATG’s students; the NFL’s camera angles mimic Madden video games; community service attitudes; the winning name for female genitalia; Chemda’s representation of Keith; the top 10 countries; Cards Against Humanity vs. the President of the United States; Sarah Silverman and Marc Maron on the Louis C.K. news; Hollywood exposed and rehabilitation November 19, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Knocked Out: Keith’s weed and sleeping pill cocktail has him sleeping like a baby
  • — The Results Are In: 80% of listeners think Chemda is taking far too many vitamins
  • — Dear KATG: Keith and Chemda read a letter from a listener that they helped raise
  • — Revenge Of The Nerds: The NFL is changing their camera work to mimic Madden NFL video games
  • — Criminal Rehabilitation: A listener wrote in because he didn’t like Keith joking about Petey DeAbreu’s attitude when sentenced to community service
  • — Pussy Pie: Keith and Chemda learn how the audience refers to female genitalia
  • — Keith’s Representation: Keith and Chemda argue if Chemda represents Keith’s past as worse than it actually was
  • — Fall From Grace: Keith informs us of the top 10 countries in the world as proven by science
  • — Cards Saving Humanity: The company that puts out Cards Against Humanity is campaigning in a hilarious way against President Donald Trump
  • — What Do We Do Now?: Andrea Allan joins Keith and Chemda to discuss Sarah Silverman and Marc Maron’s responses to the outing of Louis C.K. The gang talks about men's reactions to the flood of powerful celebrities being exposed and if sexual assaulters can be rehabilitated.


Andrea AllanAndrea Allan

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