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2761: Levels

with Lenny Marcus – Being nervous about assault accusations; marriage, baby-making, neatness, and age differences; Gary Oldman’s 5th marriage; Utah; Lady Bird reviewed; Charles Manson died; AC/DC’s Malcolm Young died; David Cassidy in critical condition; the Uber tip jar thief is angry; London buses will run on coffee; Wu-Tang Clan files suit against Woof-Tang Clan November 21, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Hello, Friend: Lenny Marcus is in studio, nervous about the accusations of so many sexual predators
  • — Beat The Clock: Married for just over a year, Lenny discusses getting his sperm tested for baby-making purposes
  • — Nothing But A Number: Actor Gary Oldman married writer and art curator Gisele Schmidt in his 5th marriage
  • — Clean And Cutesy: Lenny recounts his experience performing stand-up at a clean club owned by a swinger couple in Utah
  • — The Open Cabinet Theory: Lenny is overly neat while his much younger wife is the opposite. :O
  • — 0% On Keith’s Tomatoes: Keith wishes he could at least understand the appeal of the hit movie Lady Bird. Lenny discusses how he no longer goes to movies and theorizes that it’s because TV is now better.
  • — I Am Crime: Cult leader and murderer Charles Manson died at age 83
  • — Don’t Fear The Reaper: Malcolm Young, rhythm guitarist and co-founder of AC/DC, died of dementia at age 64. Ex-teen idol David Cassidy is in critical condition with kidney and liver failure.
  • — Bad Attitude: Gabrielle Canales, the teen caught on camera stealing money from an Uber driver’s tip jar, issued public statements that don’t make her look good
  • — This Bus Is Running Decaf: London’s red double-decker buses will soon run on a biofuel partly made from old coffee grounds
  • — Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit: Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA filed suit over dog-walking company Woof-Tang Clan


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