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2766: Complicit

with Rojo Perez — Birthday milestones; Prince Harry engaged to American actress Meghan Markle; enablers; stand-up first-timers; Pokémon GO’s $7.3 billion damage; college ufology; 2017’s Word of the Year: Complicit; Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake in Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel; accused multiple rapist Jeremy Piven’s Wisdom of the Crowd cancelled; woman fakes Ray Moore pedophile story to The Washington Post to trick them into printing fake stories and is caught; Murder, She Wrote’s Angela Lansbury blames women for their rapes; Ontario, Canada’s Swastika Trail November 30, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Bringing Back V-Necks: Rojo Perez is celebrating his 31st birthday
  • — The Royal Weddings: The world is excited over Prince Harry being engaged to American actress Meghan Markle from USA’s Suits
  • — How May I Save You: A listener writes in to praise Chemda for helping her realize she needs help with her enabling problem
  • — Rojo’s First Time: Keith and Chemda discuss the new show they’re releasing with Feral Audio entitled My Opening Line. Rojo recounts his first time performing stand-up comedy.
  • — We’re Pika-Screwed: People playing Pokémon GO have supposedly racked up as much as $7,300,000,000 in damages while playing across the country after the game's launch in 2016
  • — Jesus And Other Aliens: Turkish school Akdeniz University has added a degree in ufology and E.T. politics. The gang discusses why people mock religious fundamentalists and people who study aliens while still going to church and believing in space creatures.
  • — Complicit: has named the ‘complicit’ the word of the year
  • — Drawing A Line: Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake are in the newest Woody Allen movie Wonder Wheel
  • — Piven Heads: The show Wisdom of the Crowd featuring Jeremy Piven has been cancelled by either low ratings, Jeremy’s rape allegations, or both
  • — He Does A Great Fade: Because of Brett Ratner’s rape allegations, his barber will no longer cut his hair. Keith and Rojo bond over trying to navigate the locker room environment that is barber shops.
  • — Project Veritas: Jamie Phillips falsely claimed to The Washington Post that Roy Moore impregnated her as a teenager in order to show that The Washington Post prints fake pedophile stories
  • — Sit Down: 92-year-old actress Angela Lansbury of Murder, She Wrote made some insane statements blaming women for looking attractives and causing men to rape them
  • — How About Adolf Boulevard?: Residents of Swastika Trail in Ontario, Canada are battling to get their road renamed, while some residents don’t want to see its history changed


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