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2775: All the Best

with Selena Coppock – Woman regrets EAT ME tattoo; social media trappings; Netflix and Spotify mock you; Stannis Baratheon didn’t understand his role; father of The Walking Dead actor criticizes the show runners by name for killing off his son; The true life Sopranos strip club busted for mob-related racketeering; the Sex in the City tour; Viagra factory fumes making men hard; Dolphins getting themselves high; not family holiday plans December 12, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Tat’s Too Much: A British woman told reality TV show Tattoo Fixers that her tattoo around her groin that reads EAT ME has been ruining her sex life
  • — Thirstagram: Selena Coppock explains the trappings of social media and Instagram thirst
  • — Netflix and Shame: Netflix and Spotify have new ad campaigns that make fun of people’s viewing and listening habits
  • — Give A Shit: Actor Stephen Dillane admitted in an interview that he didn’t understand the plot of Game of Thrones or his role as Stannis Baratheon
  • — SPOILER: William Riggs, the father of child actor Chandler Riggs, publicly criticized AMC and show-runner Scott Gimple on social media for killing off his son’s character 2 weeks before his 18th birthday
  • — Bada Bing!: The New Jersey strip club featured in The Sopranos has been shut down in real life due to mob-related racketeering charges
  • — Dahhhhling: Selena was a guide on the Sex and the City tour
  • — One Whiff And You’re Stiff: Residents of Irish town Ringaskiddy are claiming that the fumes from a nearby Viagra factory are giving men erections
  • — Pusher Fish: Dolphins are deliberately getting high on puffer fish nerve toxins
  • — Home For The Holidays: The gang discusses their holiday plans

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