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2777: Nun of That

with Kenny DeForest – Being respected as a comedian; faking sign language; forced guests on the KATG tour; doctor takes online Spanish test during surgery; rape victims receive illegal bills for rape kits; listener brags about 29 year age gap in his relationship; Libraries renting sheet pans and artwork December 13, 2017

Show Notes

  • — That Comedy Thing: Kenny DeForest’s friends and family respect him as a comedian thanks to his turn on Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • — Warning Signs: Floridian Derlyn Roberts posed as a sign language interpreter at a press conference announcing a murderer’s arrest. She didn’t really know sign language.
  • — Jesus: Keith and Chemda recount their experiences with some of the terrible local performers that were thrust upon them on the KATG tour, including a woman who dressed up in a nun costume for no apparent reason
  • — Twinkles: Mary Edwards of Westchester, NY is suing Dr. Eric Fishman for taking an online Spanish test on his phone while performing a medical procedure on her
  • — That Comes With It: A Brooklyn hospital has been illegally sending bills to rape victims for their rape kits
  • — A Betting Man: A listener writes in to boast about the 29 year age difference between him and his husband, and he wages that he is the KATG listener with the biggest age gap in their relationship
  • — Cosby Is Patient Zero: Keith praises superhero Hannibal Buress for perhaps being the catalyst for all of the public sexual predatory behavior in Hollywood
  • — Mind Blown: Libraries across the country are renting out sheet pans and artwork as well as books

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