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2779: For the Holidays

Holiday non-plans; the world’s busiest airport has a blackout; woman to eat her mom’s ashes with her Christmas dinner; Omarosa fired and literally dragged from the White House; the social impact of Bye, Felicia; Net Neutrality revisited; KATG binge-listener feedback; Star Wars: The Last Jedi reviewed; Clowned by The Girl’s Lunch with Mother December 18, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Days of Obligations: Keith and Chemda discuss their Holiday non-plans
  • — Bedlam: The world’s busiest airport suffered an 11-hour blackout due to a fire in a nearby power plant
  • — The Mummy: Debra Parsons has taken to eating her mother’s ashes as part of her grieving process. She’ll make a special Christmas dinner of turkey, pudding, and mom.
  • — Bye, Omarosa: After Omarosa from The Apprentice claimed she quit her White House liaison position because she already reached 1 year of employment, it was made public that she was actually not only fired but literally dragged from the White House kicking and screaming. Keith and Chemda review her horrendous 10-minute sci-fi short Soul Sistahs.
  • — Patient Zero: Keith explains the origin of the meme Bye, Felicia and how to use it during your viewing of Star Wars for maximum impact
  • — Neutral Is Good: Keith and Chemda re-explain Net Neutrality
  • — Regulators: 71% of listeners say they prefer the regular 1 show daily release schedule as opposed to being able to binge listen. Keith and Chemda read listener feedback from their experiment.
  • — Selling Toys: Keith reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • — Clowned By The Girl: The gang reminisces on Chemda’s prank call to Hennessy’s old restaurant

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