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2786: No Apologies

Steve Bannon apologizes; Golden Globes; Dustin Marshall and the end of Feral Audio; Ben Vereen and Paul Haggis, sexual abusers; revenge porn; Madonna vs. The Company Selling Her Used Panties; upcoming Grammy Awards January 9, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Idiocracy: Steve Bannon made a public statement saying that he was mis-reported in the tell-all book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House
  • — Emmy, You Get Emeralds: Keith reviews the winners and events of the Golden Globes, and Chemda is still thrown by award shows after 13 years of covering them
  • — 9 Lives: Feral Audio has been shut down because founder Dustin Marshall has been outed by his ex-girlfriend for being an abuser. Keith and Chemda go over his public non-apology, recount their experiences working with him, and discuss the launch of their new podcast
  • — Time’s Up: Broadway legend Ben Vereen has been outed for sexually assaulting at least 2 members of his cast in the 2015 production of the musical Hair. Writer and director Paul Haggis has been accused by 4 women of sexual misconduct, 2 of whom he raped.
  • — Revenge: Keith and Chemda review the law in regards to revenge porn
  • — Nude For The Very First Time: Online auction site Gotta Have Rock and Roll is in a lawsuit with Madonna over the business selling the star’s underpants, nude photos of her taken when she was 18, and a love letter from the late Tupac Shakur
  • — The Oscars Of Music: Keith reads the nominations for the upcoming Grammy Awards

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