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2787: The Seven Month Itch

with Hannah Boone – Drugs, rehab, and hallucinations; art teacher fired for teaching nude art to 6th graders; British Chef receives death threats for saying she spiked a vegetarian’s food with meat; husband sues wife for spying on his email after he catches his multiple affairs; Prince Harry’s presidential conundrum January 10, 2018

Show Notes

  • — New Year, New Guest: Hannah Boone, the first new guest of the year, is in studio
  • — Cheaper Than Heroine: Hannah details her on and off history with drugs, rehab, and hallucinations
  • — Killing It: Hannah and her friend Morgan submitted their stand-up tapes to Keith and Chemda 7 years ago for the Open for Keith Malley stand-up competition, and Keith still has them
  • — Non-Teaching: Utah art teacher Mateo Rueda was fired for passing out library postcards that had artwork on them depicting nudity to a classroom of 6th graders
  • — Dead Meat: British Chef Laura Goodman stepped down after receiving death threats for bragging on social media that she put meat products in a vegan customer’s dinner
  • — A Confident Man: A Swiss man caught having an affair sued his wife on grounds that she invaded his privacy by reading his emails without authorization. He won, and she paid out over $14,000.
  • — Awkward: Prince Harry is avoiding questioning about inviting Barack Obama to his wedding as not to anger Donald Trump
  • — Start With A Plant: Hannah would like to be her mentally handicapped brother’s legal guardian


Hannah BooneHannah Boone

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