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2791: Friend Zone

with Jessie Jolles – The word 'friend'; your resolution; how to work dating apps; mainstream kink movies; masseuses going for it; reflection January 17, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Hello Friends: Keith and Chemda are in studio with their buddy Jessie Jolles
  • — Bread Soaks Up The Booze: Jessie recounts her experience with cutting sugar out of her diet
  • — Sorry You’re Not Interesting: Jesse gives an update on her dating life and gives Keith and Chemda a breakdown of all the dating apps
  • — Extra-curricular: Jesse is playing basketball recreationally and is terrible at it
  • — Fifty Shades Of Fake: Chemda reviews the movie Secretary and Jessie discusses the kink movies she's... bore witness
  • — Never Kiss On The Mouth: Edgeman Seker, masseuse at a high-end Tribeca spa, is being sued by a woman whom he sexually assaulted during their massages
  • — FriendZone: The gang discusses dating in your industry and being friendly with exes


Jessie JollesJessie Jolles

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