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2792: Basic Instinct

with J.P. McDade — Your score; being tall; lunatic parents of 13 children; Kevin Spacey’s racist personality on House of Cards; Sharon Stone was tricked to show her vagina in Basic Instinct; The Room’s Tommy Wiseau’s past; James Franco’s sexual assault allegations; Army vet sewn up with scalpel left inside; Chemda’s dating app January 18, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Ten Is Sacred: A fan tweeted at a past guest to rate them out of ten. J.P. McDade is in studio ready for his turn
  • — Big People, Small World: Keith and J.P. discuss the trials and tribulations of being tall men in a world built for short people
  • — Look Into Men With Bangs: Lunatic parents David Allen and Louise Anna Turpin have been arrested for keeping their 13 children malnourished and physically abused, some of them shackled to furniture
  • — I’m Playing A Republican!: It has been reported that Kevin Spacey freely used the n-word on set while filming House of Cards. He also refused shake black people’s hands.
  • — We’ll Put The Bush In In Post: Sharon Stone has come out publicly to discuss the barrage of sexual assaults she has experienced in her career, including having her private parts exposed and screened on the movie Basic Instinct without her consent
  • — Power Hungry Psychos: The gang discusses The Room’s Tommy Wiseau’s back story and his ties to organized crime while J.P. gives us his spot-on Wiseau impression. The gang discusses James Franco’s current sexual assault allegations
  • — Yeah, I’d Forget A Scalpel!: Army vet Glenford Turner is suing a hospital over a scalpel that was left inside his body after a 2013 surgery at a Veterans Affairs hospital in West Haven, CT
  • — Drag: J.P. is casually dating somebody within the comedy community but likes to keep his personal life hush hush. Chemda pitches her new dating app idea where people go on first dates and they bring their friends


J.P. McDadeJ.P. McDade

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