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2799: Profiling Keith

with Andrea Allan – 2018 Grammy Awards; know the laws of countries you visit; the Wedding Ring Effect; Andrea’s relationship update and Chemda the Wingwoman; Barney’s 1 on 1 tantric sex class; Creeps: David Copperfield, Harvey Weinstein’s assistant; Fred Savage, Mark Salling, Grandma the Clown, and Bronx karate instructor Anthony Gonzales; the end of Chief Wahoo February 2, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Is Rock Still A Thing?: Keith plays Chemda the major winners of the 2018 Grammy Awards
  • — Check Laws About Having Fun: 10 foreigners visiting Cambodia were arrested at a party for dancing pornographically and will be jailed for over a year
  • — Co-Sign: A new study shows that if asked to rate the attractiveness of a man, women will up their level of like if they know other women like that man
  • — Drip Drip: Andrea comes on mic to give Keith some advice on what to put in his dating profile. She gives an update on her love life, and Chemda tries desperately to be an online dating wingwoman
  • — I Love You, You Love Me: David Joyner, the actor behind Barney, now runs a tantric sex center where he has (unprotected) tantric sex for $350
  • — Swipe Left: Another sexual assault accusation has come out against magician David Copperfield. Also, a female assistant to Harvey Weinstein has come out with details of cleaning up after his sexual encounters. And: a then 16-year-old Fred Savage sexually harassed a costume designer on the set of Wonder Years that led to the woman being paid on the side
  • — End It: Glee star Mark Salling, who pleaded guilty to child porn possession, committed suicide before being sent to prison at age 35
  • — Endless Nightmare: Grandma the Clown, the face of the Big Apple Circus, has stepped down after it was revealed that an acrobat said he pressured her into taking pornographic photos when she was 16. Also: Bronx karate instructor Anthony Gonzales was arrested on charges of molesting children.
  • — All Merch Must Go: The Major League Baseball team the Cleveland Indians are phasing out their offensive red-faced cartoon mascot Chief Wahoo


Andrea AllanAndrea Allan

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