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2800: Christlike

with Christian Finnegan – Christian’s early work; wife Kambri’s breast cancer; sobriety update; dealing with humans; Super Bowl LII, Justin Timberlake, Nipplegate, $5 million 30-second commercials, and the Philadelphia Riots; social media vs. loved ones February 5, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Big Time: Christian Finnegan is here to celebrate the 2,800th KATG show, and he couldn’t be more thrilled
  • — Bozo: Chemda used to hook Christian up with clowning gigs, and Christian recounts a humiliating moment involving dressing up as an elf and Wanda Sykes
  • — Cancer Cancer: Christian gives an update on his wife Kambri Crew’s breast cancer
  • — Voyeurism: We get an update on Keith and Christian’s sobriety
  • — What A To-Do: Christian discusses his frustrations with human interaction
  • — Sickening: Millions upon millions call in sick the day after the Super Bowl. The gang discusses Philadelphians destroying their own city in celebration.
  • — Wanksy: An anonymous Manchester man has been painting penises on potholes so that the city council will pay attention and fix them
  • — The Movement: The group discusses political correctness and the latest words that can be deemed offensive
  • — Super Bowl Smackdown: While discussing the Eagles beating the Patriots and Justin Timberlake’s halftime show, Chemda and Christian get into an argument over 2004’s Nipplegate controversy
  • — Soap vs. Meth: The gang reviews the Super Bowl commercials, and Chemda learns about the mind-boggling phenomena of teens eating laundry pods
  • — Half-Experiences: Christian speaks his peace about how social media affects quality of life

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