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2802: I’m Sooo Sorry

with Rojo Perez – Our dumb world; 2019’s Super Bowl and Philadelphia’s post-Super Bowl riots; Gisele Bündchen’s post-Super Bowl Instagram messages; Rob Gronkowski’s house robbed during Super Bowl; how to legally urinate in public; Keith wants your dead body February 7, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Can dogs learn to fly?: Rojo Perez joins us to discuss if we all need to set this world on fire
  • — He’s Rich!: Keith is placing his Steelers Super Bowl bet for the 3rd year in a row, and the gang discusses how referees rig games in major sports
  • — Lubing Up Poles: The gang details Philadelphia’s post-Super Bowl riots, which included a person literally eating horse shit on camera
  • — Be A Good Loser: Gisele Bündchen took to social media to congratulate the team that husband Tom Brady lost to, and Rob Gronkowski’s house was broken into while he was losing the Super Bowl
  • — Hall Pass: Harlem resident Michael Simon, 70, suffers from diabetes and has carried around a hospital-issued letter since 2011 saying that he has “urgent and frequent urination” due to his condition, allowing him to urinate in public
  • — Deadtube: 60% of listeners say that they don’t care what happens to their body when they die. Keith challenges them.


Rojo PerezRojo Perez

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