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2805: Shots Fired

How robots keep secrets; the witness to Scott Baio’s underage kid-touching; Kim Cattrall vs. Sarah Jessica Parker; Christian Louboutin vs. VanHaren; Lenny Dykstra says Charlie Sheen confessed to murder; Leonardo DiCaprio supports known criminal Jordan Belfort; Harrison Ford on the new Han Solo movie; Quincy Jones on Michael Jackson stealing music, how JFK was murdered, and how Marlon Brando, Marvin Gaye, and Richard Pryor had sex; Black Panther trailer and soundtrack reviewed; race and the Olympics February 11, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Captacha’d: Computer genius Danjan Pita created a new CAPTCHA test that only robots can understand
  • — Unhappy Days: Charles in Charge’s Alexander Polinksy witnessed inappropriate behavior between Scott Baio and 14-year-old Nicole Eggert on set
  • — Dahhhling: Kim Cattrall slammed Sarah Jessica Parker over social media after Sarah tagged her in a post while sending condolences for Kim’s brother’s death
  • — Soul Of The Shoe: French shoe designer Christian Louboutin is suing dutch company VanHaren for copying his patented red-colored sole on their line of shoes
  • — Dead Rick: Ex pro-baseball player Lenny Dykstra is claiming that Charlie Sheen confessed to murder in detail
  • — Shining Example: Leonardo DiCaprio was featured in a video promoting the public speaking seminars of known criminal Jordan Belfort, the man who The Wolf of Wall Street was based on. Belfort is now making millions upon millions as a reformed motivational speaker.
  • — Celebrities Just Talking: When asked if he was looking forward to watching the new Han Solo movie, Harrison Ford replied, “Not really.” In an interview with Vulture online, Quincy Jones ran his mouth about almost everybody including but not limited to: Michael Jackson (thief), The Clintons (shady), John F. Kennedy (murdered by the mob), The Beatles (untalented children), Bill Cosby (rapist), Donald and Ivanka Trump (idiot and sexy legs), U2 (no new good music), Cyndi Lauper (a complainer), Sam Smith (so gay), Marlon Brando , Marvin Gaye, Richard Pryor (all gay), and the list goes on.
  • — Don’t Take It Seriously: Chemda and Keith review the trailer and soundtrack for the upcoming superhero movie Black Panther
  • — It’s The Winter One: Black speed skater Shani Davis has spoken out on social media about racism in the Olympics after he lost a coin toss to bear the flag to white athlete Erin Hamlin. Meanehile, Mike Pence refused to stand during the opening ceremonies when the Korean athletes were announced, despite him sitting right next to Kim Jong-un’s sister.

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