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2807: Unzipped

with Billy Procida and Andrea Allan — Age differences and paypigs; public blowjobs; gambling addictions; Keith’s first online date; Andrea on Billy’s condescending attitude February 13, 2018

Show Notes

  • — The Ethical Slut: Billy Procida, once again fresh off a breakup, is in studio
  • — Paypig: Billy details the age differences of his romances and his various relationships with men and women that get sexual gratification from giving Billy money
  • — Always Ready To Cry: Billy discusses the various times he has been blown in public, including in the parking lot of an NYPD precinct
  • — Sex and Gambling: Billy has a gambling addiction and sometimes plays backgammon in the park, losing hundreds of dollars at a time at midnight
  • — Malley’s Game: Keith had his first ever online date
  • — Off-Putting: Andrea Allan comes on mic to explain how Billy comes off as condescending with some stories from when they were “dating?”

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