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2808: Everything’s Fine

with Tracey Carnazzo — Anxiety and weed paranoia; emetophobia; struggling with weight; an aimless Valentine’s Day; The 2018 Flu; keeping an eye on Tracey’s boyfriend; the world’s first gay Olympic figure skater; South Korea’s dog menu; Teen Mom February 14, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Best New Guest: Tracey Carnazzo, Best New Guest of 2017, is in studio
  • — RELAX!: Tracey suffers from anxiety attacks and has trouble sleeping. Her mom tries to calm her down by yelling the anxiety out of her.
  • — The Weed Dairies: Chemda recently has been getting paranoid when she’s smoking weed and thinks people are breaking into her house
  • — You’re A Mess: Tracey suffers from emetophobia, and it affects every facet of her life
  • — Fat Camp: Tracey struggles with losing weight and will hire a trainer to come to her house
  • — Are You Happy?: Tracey gives an update on her relationship and (lack of) Valentine's Day plans
  • — Get The Shot: 5-year-old Brooklyn resident Elisa Murray was the 4th child in NYC to die from the flu within the last few weeks. Meanwhile, to limit the spread of the virus, the Catholic Church is suspending the sharing of consecrated wine during communion, handshakes during the peace offering, and stagnant holy water.
  • — Micro-Cheating: Tracey’s boyfriend is now admitting publicly that they are dating. Tracey has tactics she resorts to when she believes he is cheating on her.
  • — The First One?: U.S. athlete Adam Ribbons is the first openly gay Olympic figure skater
  • — Puppy Show: Olympic figure skater Meagan Duhamel has adopted a dog while competing in the South Korean Olympic games just before the dog was going to be killed and served as food. The South Korean government has offered restaurants money to stop selling dog meat during the games for a better image.
  • — Teen Mom Trash Talk: Tracey has a podcast where she discusses the reality TV show Teen Mom

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