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2809: Sup

with Kenny DeForest and Paul Hooper – Sharing your sobriety and unfair breathalyzers; the animals living in you; the Parkland, FL school shooting; Keith’s dating life; a brain scan that tells if you’re in love; KATG Polls; Stormy Daniels may now spill re: the Donald Trump affair February 15, 2018

Show Notes

  • — A Gaggle Of Guys: We have Kenny DeForest and Paul Hooper in studio
  • — Joyless Paul: Paul discusses his disdain for people who publicly declare their sobriety and participate in AA
  • — Grade On A Curve: A Texas man who has been convicted of 4 DWIs protested his most recent sentence on grounds that breathalyzer laws discriminate against alcoholics
  • — Why We Drink: Florida resident Sam Cordero had a parasite removed from his head that travelled from his stomach. Meanwhile, an 11-year-old California boy had a snail removed that was living in his elbow.
  • — Thoughts And Prayers: 19-year old Nikolas Cruz went on a shooting rampage with an AR-15 in a Florida high school, killing 17 people. The gang discusses gun control in the United States.
  • — Two Princesses: The gang discusses Keith’s dating life and his online and offline behavior
  • — Let’s Take This Quiz: A brain scan that reveals whether a person is in love - or faking it - will be available within a decade
  • — You Have A Fun Audience: 35% of the listeners have had sex in public; 34% have been in a three-way or more; and, 45% would eat dog if it was on the menu
  • — Non-Disclosure: Donald Trump’s personal lawyer accidentally broke the non-disclosure agreement between himself and porn star Stormy Daniels, who is now able to go public with her Donald Trump affair

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