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2815: When Dads Cry

with May Wilkerson – May’s blackout history; your sad dad; smartphones in schools and kids today; NJ Cardinal’s inappropriate tweet; Keith, his dating life, and his father; wedding photographer only takes pics only of bridesmaids’ privates; Chemda vs. Aloft; the Olympics: curling, getting lost, and Russian cheating February 25, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Loony Toons: May Wilkerson, with the new podcast Crazy; In Bed, is in studio
  • — The Perpetrator And The Victim: May, sober for 7 years, reminisces over her blackout history
  • — Passing On The Good Genes: May’s father used to cry when he read her bedtime stories
  • — Weighing In: 52% of listeners think that children should not have smartphones in school. Keith reads feedback regarding teenage guest Ruby Karp.
  • — Sweet Talk: New Jersey Cardinal Joseph Tobin tweeted, “Nighty-night, baby. I love you.” He’s since deleted it, and his spokesman says it was a message intended for his sister.
  • — The Portugal Problem: Keith reads the most recent correspondence between himself and his father regarding his dating life
  • — Something In The Air: A British wedding photographer took 96 pictures of the bridesmaids’ cleavages and butts and only 11 photos of the groom and no photos of the parents. He blamed it on the weather.
  • — I Never!: Chemda reviews her stay at the Aloft hotel in Atlanta
  • — Miracurl On Ice: The American’s won a surprise gold medal in curling in the winter Olympics, an Austrian got lost cross-country skiing, and Russia showed everyone that they are, indeed, cheaters


May WilkersonMay Wilkerson

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