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2817: Numbnuts

with Yedoye Travis –’s $45,000 asking price; 50 Cent, Bitcoin millionaire; Las Vegas’s friendly airport drug policy; woman uses poop to hide drugs and Valentine’s Day card from cops; Heather Locklear arrested for domestic abuse; Chevy Chase’s road rage; The Friars Club to roast Gloria Allred; The Woody Papers February 27, 2018

Show Notes

  • — New Guest, New Day: We have new guest Yedoye Travis in studio
  • — Sitting On My Own Nuts: The gang reviews Andrea Allan’s back and forth email correspondence with the representative of the owner of
  • — Bitty Cent: Rapper 50 Cent claimed that he made millions from Bitcoin sales with his album Animal Ambition. He recently denied the claim, but we believe the denial to be a lie.
  • — Garbage Duty: McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has set up new bins specifically for people to throw out the legal weed they bought in Nevada before boarding their flights
  • — Crack Is Wack: Texan Shannen Martin attempted to hide evidence during an arrest by defecating in the back of a cop car and using the poop to conceal crack cocaine and a Valentine’s Day card
  • — White Lady Rights: Heather Locklear was arrested for domestic assault, having bitten her boyfriend’s nose, fought cops, and called a female officer a cunt. Her boyfriend later got arrested for a DUI that same day.
  • — Caddysmack: Chevy Chase tracked down a truck that cut him off on the Tappan Zee Bridge in NYC and confronted the driver. Violence resulted.
  • — Roasting Feminism: After having to cancel the roasts of Harvey Weinstein and Gene Simmons due to sexual assault, The Friars Club has decided to roast power attorney and women’s rights activist Gloria Allred
  • — The Woody Papers: Princeton University has an archive with 56 boxes of Woody Allen’s unpublished scripts and notes. The Washington Post’s Richard Morgan read through them in their entirety, and the gang finds them perversely shocking.


Yedoye TravisYedoye Travis

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