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2821: 13 Years Down

with Andrea Allan and Tracey Carnazzo – 13 years of podcasting; David Eason fired from Teen Mom for homophobic and transphobic comments; giving gifts to ladies; soft and small dicks; Frances McDormand’s Oscar stolen; Trump’s fake Nobel Prize nominations and other lies he's told; Ben Carson buys $31,000 dinette set with taxpayer money; known homophobe and anti-Semite Rev. Billy Graham dies at 99; German village of Herxheim keeps church bell with swastika; Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz was adopted; FL Senator Kelli Stargel’s take on gun control; Minnesota toddler allergic to water; 2-year-old crushed by mirror in Payless store; daycare teachers drug their kids to sleep; self-driving cars are being tested March 6, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Happy Anniversary!: Andrea Allan and Tracey Carnazzo help celebrate 13 years of podcasting
  • — Teen Mom Trash Talk: Tracey, knower of all things Teen Mom, helped fire David Eason, a homophobic and transphobic dad
  • — Fucking A Pie: The gang discusses how men buy gifts for their partners, and they discuss how they handle sexual situations when guys can’t keep it up
  • — Oscar! Oscar!: Terry Bryant was arrested for grand larceny for stealing Frances McDormand’s Oscar statue. He was caught after posting a Facebook video of his celebration.
  • — Doing Tremendously Well: The head of the Norwegian Nobel Institute has reported that President Trump’s nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize are fake. The gang reviews past Trump hijinx.
  • — He’s A Secretary: Ben Carson had his office redone with government money which includes a $31,000 dinette set
  • — See You In Hell: Rev. Billy Graham, known homophone and anti-Semite, died at age 99
  • — In Memorandum: Herxheim, a village in Germany, has voted to keep a controversial church bell embossed with a swastika and the words All for the Fatherland - Adolf Hitler” as a reminder of the nation’s dark past
  • — Return To Sender: Lynda Cruz adopted Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz for $50,000 from a drug-using mother
  • — This Bitch: “Thoughts and prayers” are the only things that could stop the evil behind mass shootings, according to Florida state Senator Kelli Stargel
  • — Baby Dying Segment: A Minnesota toddler is severely allergic to water to the point that she has reactions to her own tears. A 2-year-old was crushed by a mirror in a Payless store in Georgia. Three daycare teachers were charged with giving toddlers melatonin-laced gummies. Tracey recounts a story about a toddler losing a toe.
  • — Keith vs. The World: Ride hailing and delivery companies are starting pilot programs in Miami to see how consumers react to self-driving cars

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