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2823: Chemda the Trickster Is at It Again

13 years in podcasting; how Oprah Winfrey tips hotel maids; KATG polls and Keith vs. Chemda; Oscar thief’s $20,000 bail; woman attacks cheating boyfriend with samurai sword bought for that reason; being wrongly pronounced dead March 8, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Party Super Party: Keith and Chemda are celebrating their 13-year podcasting anniversary with the Stand-Up-Athon this Sunday in NYC
  • — Hide And Seek: In an interview with People magazine, Oprah Winfrey bragged that she enjoys tipping housekeepers at hotels by hiding the money around the room so that they can have fun finding it
  • — Live Tweet: Keith reads the one-way texts Anne Whitman sent while she was listening to the most recent episode of Last Week on KATG
  • — K: 72% of listeners are on Keith’s side regarding Venmo. 61% of listeners are on Keith’s side regarding driverless cars. Chemda tries to trick Keith with her ambiguity.
  • — Grand Theft Oscar: Terry Bryant, the man who stole Frances McDormand’s Oscar statue, is facing 3 years in jail if convicted
  • — Crime Of Passion: Washington woman Emily Javier slashed her boyfriend multiple times with a samurai sword after finding out he was cheating on her
  • — Keith’s Biggest Fear: Himanshu Bharadwaj, an Indian man, was wrongly pronounced dead after a car crash in India. He was kept in the morgue overnight and woke up just before autopsy cutting was to begin.

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