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2827: Dog Day Afternoon

Impressionists; man takes clothes off on flight to enjoy porn; Florida’s Officer of the Year is a gun abusing drug addict; Black Panther makes over $1 billion, A Wrinkle in Time’s terrible reviews, Keith reviews the first 15 minutes of Thoroughbreds; Tommy Lee vs. Brandon Lee and Pamela Anderson; Teachers Not of the Year March 15, 2018

Show Notes

  • — What A Day: We had impressionist Tyler Fischer scheduled to come in and grace us with some impressions. When his dog got fake sick, Andrea was forced to entertain Keith.
  • — Sky Pig: On a Bangladesh-bound flight, a 20-year-old man stripped down naked, started watching porn on his laptop, and assaulted various crew members when asked to stop
  • — What’s Up, Florida?: Florida’s Officer of the Year was arrested after feces, guns, garbage, and drugs were found in his home after a neighbor reported hearing gunfire
  • — Billions: Black Panther is still #1 in the box office and has made over $1,000,000,000. Keith enjoyed the book A Wrinkle in Time but has no interest in the critically-panned movie. Keith reviews the first 15 minutes of Thoroughbreds.
  • — Brandon: Tommy Lee was running his mouth at Pamela Anderson via social media after she brought up his 1988 spousal and child abuse arrest in an interview with Piers Morgan, and then there was a violent altercation in Tommy’s house between him and his son, Brandon.
  • — Teachers Hall Of Shame: Florida teacher David Swinyar was suspended for using racial slurs in class and telling students not to date black people because it’s “not worth it.” Another Florida teacher, Dayanna Volitich, has been exposed for having a secret anti-semitic and white nationalist podcast. Idaho teacher, Robert Crosland, is under investigation for feeding a live puppy to a snapping turtle on school premises.

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