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2828: Grow and Tell w/ Kevin Allison

Sex with dwarfs; sex party rules and regulations; Kevin’s sex with a transgender man; sex party anger; remembering Stephen Hawking; real life vs. Black Mirror March 16, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Happy Friday: From MTV’s The State and the Risk! podcast, Kevin Allison is in studio
  • — Little People, Big Dicks: Kevin recounts the various times he has been sexually involved with a dwarf
  • — Hung Like A Gerbil: Kevin explains the different rules and regulations at the sex parties he has attended. He recounts a particular party where he had to show his dick at the door only to be turned away. Keith and Chemda see said penis.
  • — Transformed: Kevin recently had sex with a transgender man for the first time
  • — Arms Of An Angel: Kevin’s friend, transgender porn star Buck Angel, was almost gang-raped at a sex party when he was performing onstage and carried off by a group of men
  • — Walking Proof: Stephen Hawking, physicist and best-selling author, died in his home in England at age 76
  • — Black Mirror: The gang discusses how our dependence on technology and social media is turning our society into a real-life Black Mirror


Kevin AllisonKevin Allison

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