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2835: Who Let the Kids Out w/ Courtney Maginnis

Explaining fashion; for the love of drinking; dealing with landlords; sex playlists; March for Our Lives and Kids vs. Politicians; Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon’s run for Governor of NYC March 26, 2018

Show Notes

  • — So Hot: We have new guest Courtney Maginnis in studio
  • — All The Holes Are Done: Courtney is a fashion designer. She explains the industry to Keith and Chemda.
  • — Fun Parenting: Courtney is a party girl who grew up in a partying family. Her and her boyfriend, KATG guest Casey James Salengo, lasted a sobering 2 weeks into Sober January. Courtney describes Casey’s personality following My Name Is Keith.
  • — Yell Me More: Keith explains NYC landlords and the recent back and forth between him and his landlord regarding an exterminator
  • — What’s That NIN Song?: 26% of listeners have created a sex playlist
  • — Can I Talk To An Adult Please?: KATG discusses March for Our Lives and the forthright attitude of kids protesting a lack of gun control
  • — Unqualified Lesbian: The gang discusses Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon’s run for Governor of NYC and the press and other politicians’ reactions

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