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2839: Gilbert w/ Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert, the documentary; next-level frugalness and feeling like an imposter; addiction; celebrity fun facts; war reenactors; Japanese tsunami Twitter jokes and so-called comedian friends; racist actors and closeted performers; Drake’s God’s Plan; sitcom hijinx April 2, 2018

Show Notes

  • — He’s Back, Baby!: Comedy legend Gilbert Gottfried is in studio
  • — A Gilbert Gottfried Story: The gang discusses the documentary Gilbert including Gilbert’s next-level frugalness and Gilbert feeling like an imposter
  • — Grass: Gilbert doesn’t drink often or smoke weed, but he understands why people love to, as he recently discovered laughing gas
  • — Fun Facts: Gilbert recounts when E! News announced that Michael J. Fox had Parkinson's disease like it was a fun fact. Gilbert decides to announce that Arnold Schwarzenegger literally has no testicles.
  • — Sieg Heil: Gilbert performed for an audience where some members were dressed as Nazis to reenact World War II
  • — No Lessons Learned: The gang discusses the fallout from his Japanese tsunami Twitter jokes as well as the reaction from so-called comedian friends
  • — Hollyweird: Gilbert discusses the known racist actors in Hollywood, and he reminisces about the closeted gay actors who unconvincingly played straight on TV
  • — Half An Hour Including Lunch: The gang discusses the simplicity of Drake’s #1 song God’s Plan
  • — Irresponsible White Friend: Gilbert recounts hilarious hijinx on the TV shows Diff’rent Strokes and Gloria

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