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2841: Slippin’ w/ Tracey Carnazzo

Tracey’s relationship; Judge Robert Cicale caught breaking and entering and stealing panties; Tracey put a man in prison; DMX sentenced to 1 year in jail for tax fraud; Amazon Books’ brick and mortar stores; Richard Simmons tries to defend that he’s not a transgender woman and loses $130,000; the times Chemda and Tracey were cheated on April 4, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Everybody’s Favorite: We have the hilarious Tracey Carnazzo in studio
  • — Don’t Boil A Bunny: The gang discusses Tracey’s relationship
  • — Repeat Offender: Long Island Judge Robert Cicale is facing charges after getting caught red- handed breaking into his neighbor’s house and stealing her underwear, which he has done to various victims multiple times
  • — Snitch Of The Month: Tracey outed a guy for plotting to kill his wife, and he is now in prison
  • — Free DMX: DMX owes $1,700,000 in taxes. His lawyer played part of his single Slippin’ in court to convince the judge that the rapper should not go to jail. He was sentenced to 1 year.
  • — Laughing At Borders: Amazon Books opened its second brick and mortar bookstore in NYC
  • — Trash Talk: Richard Simmons was ordered to pay $130,000 to cover the legal costs incurred by the tabloid outlets that he sued for defamation over publishing stories claiming he had undergone sex reassignment surgery
  • — You’re Fucking Your Sister?: Chemda and Tracey discuss the multiple times they have caught men in the act when they were cheating on them

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