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2849: Private Joker

KATG Polls & secret dimensions; Beirut and The Purge series reviewed; The King of Kong champion destroyed; RIP Mitzi Shore, Harry Anderson, and R. Lee Ermey; geese fall from the sky; NASA’s loose sperm; the retirement of hurricanes April 19, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Science First: Whether it’s regarding war reenactors, talking to Jesus, Keith’s dating tips, or The Mush, Keith and Chemda are in studio getting down to science with the latest poll results
  • — Smoked 3 Oak Trees: Keith and Chemda discuss the dimension beyond our understanding
  • — Movie Pass: Keith covers the top movies of the week, reviews Beirut, and discusses The Purge series and it’s upcoming prequel
  • — Cheaters Never Win: Billy Mitchell, the subject of the movie The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, has had his high scores stripped from the Twin Galaxies leaderboards after an investigation proved that he, indeed, cheated. The title for Best Donkey Konger goes to long-time rival Steve Wiebe.
  • — Rest In Peace: Mitzi Shore, owner of The Comedy Store, has passed away at age 87. Harry Anderson, actor best known for his role in Night Court, passed away at 65. Former Marine and actor R. Lee Ermey, best known for his role as the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket, has died at age 74.
  • — Fowl Play: More than 50 dead geese that were struck by lightning landed in an Idaho parking lot
  • — Black Mirror: NASA has announced that they are sending loose human sperm into space
  • — What’s In A Name: The UN World Meteorological Organization has announced that they will shelve the names used for the last 4 most destructive hurricanes as to not upset people too much

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