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2858: Ladie’s Love Outlaws w/ Jess Wood

Phil Spector; the many deaths in Jess's life; tatttoos; Jess's godfather Squiggy; birth fathers; how to be a great lover; superintendent caught defecating on football field; threesomes May 8, 2018

Show Notes

  • — New Town, Old Friends: We have KATG favorite Jess Wood in our L.A. apartment studio
  • — Silver Screen: Jess played Gun Test Woman in the pivotal scene in the movie about the murder trial of record producer Phil Spector
  • — Death Becomes Her: Since we saw Jess last, she has experienced a lot of loss including the death of her mother and a lover who overdosed on heroin
  • — Tattoo You: Jess recounts the events leading up to her various tattoos which include a grammatical error
  • — Family Ties: Jess’s godfather is actor David L. Lander who played Squiggy on the sitcom Laverne & Shirley. She discusses her family and her unconventional upbringing.
  • — Pearl Jam Situation: Jess gives an update on her quest to find her birth father that's filled with twists and turns
  • — Kitchen Sponges: Jess has had 5 abortions in her lifetime. She discusses her latest and greatest sexual partner and how you can be amazing in bed.
  • — Dusting For Shit: New Jersey superintendent Thomas Tramaglini was arrested after he was spotted defecating on Holmdel High School’s track and football field in the early hours of the morning for the umpteenth time
  • — Train: Both of Jess’s lovers want to have a threesome with her


Jess WoodJess Wood

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