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2864: Laurel vs. Yanny

Audio illusions; problems vs. solutions; GOP candidate films transgender bathroom goer; L.A. Starbucks ‘beaner’ controversy; another school shooting; Playboy model kills self and child; Margot Kidder died; Deadpool 2 reviewed; Marvel vs. DC; Hereditary horror trailer played for kids; mom changes kid’s name to match wrong tattoo; KATG Polls; The Royal Wedding May 20, 2018

Show Notes

  • — We’ll Never Get Along: Keith plays the viral audio illusions Yanny vs. Laurel and Brainstorm vs. Green Needle
  • — Miscommunication: A listener writes in about her issue with how her partner offers solutions to her problems instead of just letting her vent. Keith doesn’t understand why you wouldn’t always want a solution.
  • — The World I Know: Republican congressional candidate Jazmina Saavedra harassed a transgender woman at a Denny's restaurant in California and proudly live-streamed the whole incident. Meanwhile, a barista at Starbucks in Los Angeles printed the racial slur ‘beaner’ on a Latino customer’s drink
  • — Desensitized: 10 people were killed in a school shooting in Texas. More students and teachers were killed by guns than were killed in the military this year
  • — The Bible Says: Playboy model Stephanie Adams threw her son off a balcony and then leapt to her death from a midtown hotel room
  • — Edge Of The Polar: Actress Margot Kidder was found dead in her home at age 69. The gang discusses the ups and downs of her career and her struggle with bipolar disorder.
  • — 2 Minute Movies: Keith reviews Deadpool 2 and explains why he likes superhero movies better than slice of life movies
  • — The Clown Prince of Crime: On the TV show Gotham, DC Comics will not allow the Joker character to be known as the Joker as that special name is saved for movies
  • — Precious Fucking Thing: In a screening of the family movie Peter Rabbit, a theater accidentally played a graphic preview of the movie Hereditary, and the theater went into chaos
  • — Ladie’s Love Outlaws: A Swedish mom changed her son’s name from Kevin to Kelvin to match her misspelled tattoo
  • — Poll Position: The results were 2 to 1 in favor of outlaw-lovers in the poll, “Do ladie’s love outlaws?” Chemda explains the appeal of a bad boy. 47% of the listeners have hooked up with a person who they hate; 74% have experienced “The Mush;” 87% see a parent in themselves; and, 27% got excited about The Royal Wedding.

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