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2867: The Nerve w/ Rojo Perez

Puerto Rico's state; penis surgery; day-drinking and Kathy Bates; California sheriff says it's cheaper to kill suspects instead of wounding them; Arizona radio station manager plays PSA regarding hiding your child pornography properly for 2 years; Giants' Eli Manning settles selling fake memorabilia lawsuit; people dying from keyless cars not being turned off May 23, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Hola!: KATG favorite Rojo Perez is back in studio after revisiting Puerto Rico. He's ready to report.
  • — Open Dick Surgery: Rojo’s uncle was oversharing about his penis surgery
  • — Cause For Concern?: Rojo did some day-drinking before an audition for a Corona commercial, and the gang discusses his drinking habits
  • — Road Dawg: The great Kathy Bates made a pass at Rojo
  • — God Gives Clues: A video has surfaced that shows California's Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood saying it costs less to kill suspects than to wound them, so, y'know, shoot to kill. Meanwhile, Paul Lotsof, the station manager of Arizona’s KAVV-FM, has been airing a PSA that instructs listeners on how to store child pornography without getting caught for 2 years.
  • — Trick Play: Giants' quarterback Eli Manning has settled out of court in the lawsuit that alleges he was selling fake sports memorabilia to collectors. The gang discusses Eli's telling text and the blame he unnecessarily put squarely on equipment manager Joe Skiba
  • — Population Control: 28 people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning since 2006 because they had keyless cars that they forgot to turn off. Intern Julia’s father has a keyless car, and she jumps on mic to explain his views on the dying.


Rojo PerezRojo Perez

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