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2873: Get Out w/ Graham Elwood

Political vigilantism; the first nationally-syndicated Native American stand-up comedy show; parents take 30-year-old son to court over him not moving out; the state of movies June 1, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Political Vigilante: We're excited to have Graham Elwood, host of Comedy Film Nerds, in studio to discuss the dangerous two-party political system and the work it takes to rally for what's right in a country filled with morons
  • — Leathers And Feathers: Graham is releasing the first nationally-syndicated Native American stand-up comedy show
  • — There’s Enough Songs: Whether it’s Roman Polanski or Michael Jackson, the gang discusses supporting or not supporting artists with extremely immoral pasts
  • — DIE! (DIE! DIE! DIE!): Upstate parents Mark and Christine Rotondo took their 30-year-old son Michael to court to have him evicted because he would not move out of their family home
  • — Comedy Film Nerd: Graham gives his take on the top box office movies, and the gang discusses big-budget superhero movies vs. indie films


Graham ElwoodGraham Elwood

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