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2880: #WeToo w/ Casey James Salengo

Being dropped on your head; your biological clock; Jerome update; Marilyn Monroe's statue; Anthony Bourdain's suicide; Trump to pardon Muhammad Ali; Eminem's gunshot sound effects at Bonnaroo; FBI agent drops gun on dance floor shooting patron; the outdated Constitution; off-duty cop pulls gun on wife; Woody Allen says he's the #MeToo Poster Boy in the good way; Miss America's new rules; Harvey Weinstein pleads guilty; Ramadan drone fashion show; Chemda's marriage June 11, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Not Book Smart: Casey James Salengo, a simple and pure man, is in studio
  • — Taking a Tumble: Casey fell and hit his head when he was a child and was never taken to the doctor
  • — Cum Vessel: Casey and his girlfriend, comedian Courtney Maginnis, have been talking about having a baby
  • — Paint Your Own House: Jerome calls in to discuss well-being, partying at KATG Week, and his upcoming art show in NYC
  • — Marilyn Mon-Whoa: A 26-foot tall statue of Marilyn Monroe was erected in a Connecticut park with the statue's ass facing a nearby Church
  • — Take Pills: Casey gives his take on Anthony Bourdain's suicide
  • — Pardon Me: Donald Trump has announced that he is going to pardon the late boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Keith has announced that he will pardon all the Allied soldiers that participated in D-Day.
  • — Shots Fired: The rapper Eminem is facing criticism after he played gunshot sound effects during his set at Bonnaroo
  • — Mr. Bean Scenario: An off-duty FBI agent dropped his gun doing a back-flip on the dance floor of a Denver bar. He then accidentally shot somebody while scrambling to recoup the gun.
  • — Your Rights: Keith explains the stupidity of gun laws changing from state to state and how the Constitution is obviously outdated
  • — What Part Of Queens?: Off-duty cop Philippe McGregor pulled a gun on his girlfriend during an argument, and she had to call the police on him
  • — Poster Boy: Accused child molester Woody Allen has come out saying that he is the poster boy of the #MeToo movement, but in the good way
  • — What?: Gretchen Carlson, the chairwoman of The Miss America Organization, has announced that they are taking the swimsuit and evening gown competition out of the contest
  • — Child Rapist Lawyer: Harvey Weinstein has plead not guilty to 1 count of rape and 1 count of sexual assault
  • — It Sucked But I Watched It: In Saudi Arabia, they sent clothing down a catwalk on hangers attached to drones instead of real women because they didn’t want the men to get aroused during Ramadan

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