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2891: Vertical Smile w/ Kerry Coddett

Love, nudes, and genitalia terms; dating and ethnicity; threesomes and committed relationships; women and hairstyle changes; dating apps; KATG Polls; a sexbot can claim it has a headache; Westworld season 2 definitely not explained; Richard Harrison of Pawn Stars died June 27, 2018

Show Notes

  • — The Theory Of Men: Kerry Coddett is in studio dishing on her love life and lack thereof
  • — Poon Pics: The gang discusses their policies on sending and receiving nudes and the words they prefer to use for genitalia
  • — Stay In Your Lane: Kerry prefers to date men of the same ethnic and cultural background as her
  • — Pandora’s Box: Kerry explains threesomes in committed relationships
  • — New Hair, New Me: Kerry is sporting a new short haircut. The gang discusses how people react when a woman makes a big change to her appearance.
  • — Dick Danger: The gang discusses meeting and dating using apps
  • — KATG Polls: 2 listeners have tattoos of lovers’ names on their bodies; 3 listeners have watched porn in public; 2 listeners think that Ambien is a forgivable excuse for Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet; and, 21% of listeners think Chemda will not make sexual moves on anyone within one year
  • — Rape Robot: The sexbot Samantha has a setting that allows her to deny the user sex, claiming that it has a headache
  • — Worse Than Ballers: Keith can barely understand the second season of Westworld, and though he loved the first season, he doesn’t even care for an explanation
  • — How’d He Die?: Richard Harrison, the old man in Pawn Stars, has died at age 77


Kerry CoddettKerry Coddett

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