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2892: Earth Angel w/ Andrea Allan

Sex and love; Anthony Weiner’s underage conquest back in the news; Ass Men vs. Boob Men; man caught fucking car again; Russian Burger King’s controversial sex ad; Instagram valued at $100 billion; woman given breast implants she didn’t ask for; Chemda’s bike update, her silent retreat, and her new weed intake; Heather Locklear’s police and hospital stories; Trump supporters vs. red hens June 28, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Poon Sniffing: Andrea Allan is in studio giving an update on the SLAA meetings that she’s attending
  • — One Hot Kid: Former North Carolina teacher Jonathan Busch, age 54, has been charged with statutory rape, having had sex with the same minor who put Anthony Weiner in prison
  • — Balls Woman: The gang discusses the ridiculous cultural phenomena of the “ass man” and the “boob man”
  • — Pipe Guy: Ryan Malek, a 23-year-old Kansas man, was caught putting his dick into the tailpipe of a car for a second time for sexual gratification
  • — Vote And Still Die: The Russian division of Burger King took down an ad which offered a lifetime supply of Whopper burgers to Russian women who got pregnant with a World Cup player’s baby
  • — Billions: The Facebook-owned app Instagram is now valued at $100,000,000,000 and has hit over 1,000,000,000 users
  • — Buy One, Get One: Donna Finnegan-White, a 44-year-old British woman, went under the knife for a double mastectomy and awoke with breast implants that she didn’t ask for
  • — ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off: Chemda recounts her recent trip to the bike shop
  • — Silent Not Smoke Party: Chemda is going to a 10-day silent meditation retreat where she will not be talking or smoking weed. She discusses the recent changes in her pot intake.
  • — The Downward Spiral: Actress Heather Locklear was hospitalized following the report of an overdose at her home just hours after she was released on bail for assaulting a police officer and an EMT worker
  • — Beyond Reason: Restaurants with some variation of the name Red Hen are being attacked by Trump supporters due to the recent Sarah Huckabee Sanders controversy


Andrea AllanAndrea Allan

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