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2899: Dipshit w/ Ophira Eisenberg

The trapped and rescued Thai soccer team; Stephen King vs. President Donald Trump; the plastic ban; Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's groping allegation; Fred Rogers' negative side; yesterday vs. today; fraternities; The World vs. America; Israel steals Iran's clouds; giving up on your dreams; the dangers of lawn mowers July 10, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Happy Day: We have Ophira Eisenberg in the studio, and we are greeting her with the news that all the boys trapped in the cave in Thailand have been rescued
  • — He Has No Organ: The gang listens to audio of President Trump nonsensically bragging at a rally; meanwhile, author Stephen King warned the people of Britain that Trump is coming to visit, eloquently calling him a dipshit
  • — Paper Not Plastic: Major U.S. Corporations are banning plastic straws
  • — We Can’t Take It: Former BBC reporter Rose Knight came forward issuing a statement about Justin Trudeau groping her in a music festival in 2000
  • — Even Mr. Rogers: François Clemmons, a cast member on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, was asked to not go to gay bars and was persuaded to marry a woman to ensure the reputation of the show wasn’t damaged
  • — FBI Redacted Memo: The gang discusses how their old albums, stand-up routines, and podcasts would seem bigoted by today’s standards
  • — #YesAllFrats: The gang discusses how damaging and toxic fraternity culture is
  • — Talking To Americans: Ophira gives insight on how other countries, specifically Canada, view the United States
  • — A World Of Dummies: Iranian general Gholam Ridha Jalali has accused Israel of stealing his country's clouds to ravage Iran with a drought
  • — Rose-Colored Glasses: The poll results for “Have you given up on your dreams?” are 50/50
  • — Caution, Hot: In 2016, more than 86,000 adults and 4,500 children have been treated in the emergency room for injuries related to lawn mowers

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