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2909: Whac-A-Mole w/ Emily Lubin and Andrea Allan

How your hair color is perceived; being a poor sport; Chemda's celibacy update; Emily the Cam Girl; Andrea and self-help meetings and Emily's eating disorder recovery; man tattoos skin completely black and removes genitals and nipples; Emily wants children July 24, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Raised By KATG: We have Emily Lubin in studio, who was also mystified, as a teenager, by Spooky
  • — Wild Or Depressed?: Emily explains the different reactions she's received based on her different hair colors
  • — Being Mean Porn: Andrea Allan comes on mic to roast Chemda for being a poor winner
  • — Lockdown: Chemda gives an update on her celibacy and talks about her plan to celebrate her year-long dry spell by going to a sex club
  • — Girls Gone Wild: Emily entertained the idea of being a cam girl and having sex for money
  • — Addicted To Recovery: Emily gives her take on Andrea attending various anonymous meetings, and Emily gives an update on her recovery from an eating disorder
  • — Looking At A Negative: Adam Curlykale, a 32-year-old black albino man, got his skin completely tattooed with black ink and his genitals and nipples removed
  • — Tick Tock: Emily has decided that she would like to have children

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